Why do we get almost everything wrong about Covid-19 policy; about passwords; about the Iraq War; about Xi Jinping, Putin and Western leadership; about low-fat diets; about wars against drugs and cancer; about the slave trade and racism; and about the cause of violence in places like Congo, Ethiopia, the Middle East, Ukraine, and Afghanistan? This book dives into the only scientific method for determining true root causes of dysfunction and conflict, based on system dynamics and complex adaptive systems anthropology (CASA). It then corrects massive disinformation spread by politicians, modern media, special interest groups, and their celebrity "experts".

This book clearly explains the new methodology of Human SystemicsTM for common people and why it's the most critical toolset to reverse the unconscionable loss of money and lives in pursuit of false agendas and myths of leadership elites worldwide. SYSTEMIC: A word widely used, yet rarely understood until now, and the key to a desperately-needed modern ethics linked to traditional values.

The underlying science of complexity and system dynamics sends rockets to mars, plans our military campaigns, plots our economic programs, and enables artificial intelligence. Yet we fail to use its power to find the real root causes of human behavior and fix those root causes. Why? In a world dominated today by well-intentioned yet misguided attempts to construct better social solutions and communities, one only finds false hopes and revolving-door programs.
This book develops the hidden and ignored methods of "SysIQ", the ability to see things systemically and create truly "systainable" policies. Clearly defining those, we then demonstrate programs with provable outcomes that finally use our talents and tax dollars that everyone can afford and benefit from, not just the few.


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